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cuOnline+ in numbers

December 10, 2018

In early 2018, we set a goal to develop a new and improved online banking platform (cuOnline) that would help transform your Credit Union. 

We call it cuOnline+

As we close 2018, we are delighted to have cuOnline+ developed and rolled out to our two launch partners: Health Services Staffs Credit Union & Member First Credit Union,  as well as First Alliance Credit Union and St Dominics Credit Union, with many more scheduled in the coming months! 

For those who want a quick recap, cuOnline+ is a complete transformation of Credit Union online banking. It provides end to-end member services for Credit Union’s with:

  • Digital member on-boarding.
  • Straight through loan processing with e-signatures. 
  • An enhanced loan process and banking experience for your members (as shown below). 

lp-img1We have been working with our customers since early 2018 to scope, build requirements , develop and test cuOnline+. As you will hear from our video below, a project of this size takes lots of planning to get it right! 



As we reflect on this project, we thought it would be fun to do a quick roundup for cuOnline+ in numbers...

cuOnline+- this year in numbers (1)

Lots of people were involved in the making of cuOnline+, as you can see from the info graphic above. These numbers reflect how much impact our customers and their members have influenced this project. All of which has helped us to develop a seamless online banking experience that works for both you and your members.

I've seen in the past...companies just provide a finished product to their clients without any feedback. I think it's great we've been involved in various focus groups and meetings to offer our suggestions on improving the product, and we've seen those changes being implemented along the way." Conor Ralph, Member First Credit Union"  

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