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Here's the scoop on Volaris Group!

October 16, 2020
We're sure you're aware of our strong relationship with  Volaris Group, but do you really know how Volaris operate? 
In this blog we hope to provide a short introductory on Volaris Group, what that means for Wellington IT customers and explain how they are very different to other acquirers(HINT: they NEVER sell their companies).

Who are Volaris Group? 

In 2014 Wellington IT was acquired by  Volaris  Group - part of Constellation, one of the largest software companies in Canada. Today Volaris  owns over 100 specialist software companies worldwide. This means  Volaris  are experts at delivering software, and as a part of the group, Wellington IT  has access to a world of best practice.   

Volaris give us the best of both  worlds : global scale and expertise, but with a niche focus on being a specialist software provider for ROI and UK Credit Unions  

We can invest more in our people and our technology 

Being backed by Volaris makes us unique in the market. Global best practices are at our fingertips and we have access to some incredible resources. Volaris also enable us to invest more in our people and our technology - In the past 5 years, we have invested £1m+ in infrastructure and tools and 30% more on training and development. We’ve also increased our workforce by 33% 

All of that enables us to provide your Credit Union with better services such as , cuMobile, Automated lending, Revolving Credit and our cloud offering.  

We’re STILL your local provider 

Whilst we have the backing of a large corporate company (Volaris), we are always your local provider – with offices in Belfast, Dublin and Cork. Having been in this industry for over 30 years, we understand the local Credit Union market like no other, from your key objectives, challenges and compliance. This means you still have local representatives in the same time zone who can easily adapt to the sudden changes that inevitably take place in the industry. 

Volaris NEVER sell their companies 

Did we mention that Volaris never sell the companies they acquire?  

Volaris’ strategy is to acquire specialist software companies, and rather than flip them for a profit, the focus is to build businesses for the long-term and to NEVER sell 

So we’ll ALWAYS be your local provider 

Our acquisition by Volaris means we have a strong future succession plan in place and the confidence that we will always be your local provider. 

Our core purpose is to “improve the lives of our customers, our colleagues and the community”. Therefore, it was so important to us to work with a company that guarantees we will always be here, now and in the future. Not many companies have this guarantee and we're very proud to be a part of the Volaris Group 

To find out more about what makes Volaris group unique, check out this video from the CEO Mark Miller