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Wexford Credit Union improve member services through technology

July 31, 2016

Wexford Credit Union (Wexford CU) Limited successfully transition to a new IT system which will enable its 38,500 members to avail of new services.  The credit union will also be able to meet the operational and compliance needs of the Credit Union, enabling them to manage it against their strategic objectives. 

The system they have selected has come from established Irish Credit Union software provider Wellington IT. The technology will help support the Credit Unions mission to promote financial well-being of its members by providing a broad range of innovative financial products.  In particular, Wexford CU will be developing the system to support its growing lending facilities, ensuring members can lend more effectively and efficiently. 

As part of the new service, Wexford CU will also launch an on-line payment capability directly from their members credit union account, making it easier for their members to manage their money. In addition, the rich controls and auditing functionality will support the Credit Union in meeting compliance requirements set by the Central Bank of Ireland. 

Ultan Ryan, Credit Union Manager, Wexford Credit Union comments on how the new technology will benefit its members

“Our Credit Union is a big user of technology, we process a large volume of transactions and are one of the biggest lenders in the region.  We manage approximately 60 loan applications a day, mostly over the counter, so strategically technology needs to continue to support face to face transactions in an efficient manner to enable us to grow.  In order for us to meet the needs of our organisation and its members, we needed to invest in technology and partner that would support our long-term strategy.  Working with Wellington IT, now we have a fully integrated system which has the ability to meet all of our operational and member needs efficiently and cost-effectively. They understood what we were trying to achieve and are dedicated to helping us be more competitive, grow members, manage risk and develop into new markets. We look forward to working with Wellington IT in a co-operative way to develop the use of the system even further to enable us to improve the services we provide to our members”

With over 40 new system implementations in the last two years, Wellington IT were able to share experience from other projects to develop a robust project plan which resulted in a seamless transition.

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