5 of the latest ways to improve how your Credit Union operates

June 08, 2017

New advances in member services and compliance mean Wellington IT Credit Unions can provide a modern member experience, compete against traditional banks, grow their loan book, and expand their membership. These are the latest ways your Credit Union can benefit:

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Ransomware: 3 Ways to keep your Credit Union safe

May 16, 2017


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Transferring from Octagon: Two data migration methods explored

February 23, 2017


Transferring data from Octagon to your new Credit Union system

The most important part of any Credit Union’s I.T system is their member data. If the information a Credit Union holds on its members is inaccurate or missing, it can lead to inaccurate assumptions and financial consequences for members and Credit Unions alike. Bad transfers can lead to an inability to provide your members with...

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The Central Credit Register: Everything your Credit Union needs to know

December 16, 2016


Credit Unions will already be familar with the introduction of a Central Credit Register (CCR)  by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) and their partner CRIF (a leading provider of credit information systems in Europe). In our Q3 2016 Compliance update, we mentioned the CBI issued the final regulations for the CCR in September, and since then they have released more information on the...

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